Bay Turkish Restaurant

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New for 2018 – Macclesfield’s modern and vibrant Turkish restaurant.

Come and join us for authentic Turkish cuisine cooked fresh from our open kitchen, watch our chef at work creating mouthwatering dishes from our traditional charcoal grill.

Our aim is to make you feel relaxed in the cosy atmosphere we’re proud to have created.

We look forward to welcoming you to BAY Turkish Restaurant.

Turks love eating and relishing food. As a result, feast like meals are not out of the ordinary in a Turkish home. If you are present in a Turkish home for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the variety and the effort put into preparing the table will be very evident. In Turkey, having people over for dinner or a tea party is a very common and frequent tradition which involves socialising. It is part of the society, the culture and tradition.

Turkish people are also known to be very hospitable, they might invite you to their houses and share a meal with you even if they don’t know you. There is a saying in Turkey that goes “stranger at the doorstep is the God’s guest”.

The foundation of Turkish food is based on the freshness of the ingredients. Turkish cuisine has a very pure quality. The variety and simplicity of the recipes and the quality of the ingredients guarantee delicious meals.

Turkey introduced coffee to Europe in the 1500’s. The ruling Ottoman Empire first introduced coffee beans to the Italian people and from there it quickly gained popularity before spreading to the other European countries. Coffee houses soon became a very familiar site throughout Europe.

As the Turks say “To drink one cup of coffee together guarantees forty years of friendship”.

Bay (abbv.) – Bayim {noun}

Turkish translation for ‘sir’